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Blue Suede Shoes 1110 (2014-03-22)

Blue Suede Shoes 1110

March 22, 2014 – 22 mars 2014

Hosted today by Dr Charlie, with help from Mr Lucky

Préparé et présenté aujourd’hui par le Docteur Charlie, avec l’aide de Mister Lucky.

Today’s Album Of The Week is LITTLE RICHARD’ second 12” LP from July 1958 on the SPECIALTY label, titled “LITTLE RICHARD VOLUME 2”, published when the singer had already abandoned Rock And Roll to sing religious songs and study the bible.
We’ll also hear some more tracks from the 40s, 50s and 60s.
Finally, we’ll close the show with several known and less known tracks from the same era (non-stop).

Disque "fil rouge" : "LITTLE RICHARD VOLUME TWO", le 2e 30cm de LITTLE RICHARD, publié sur SPECIALTY en juillet 1958, alors que LITTLE RICHARD avait abandonné le rock and roll pour se consacrer à la musique religieuse et à l'étude de la Bible !
Comme ce sera désormais régulièrement le cas, la dernière partie de l'émission vous proposera quelques morceaux fifties diffusée en non-stop et en mode aléatoire.  Les titres ne figurent donc pas dans la play.

1. LITTLE RICHARD - "Keep A Knockin’"
2. BO DIDDLEY - "Shut Up Woman"
3. LITTLE RICHARD - "By The Light Of The Silvery Moon"
4. Harold JACKSON - "Go Cat Go"
5. LITTLE RICHARD - "Send Me Some Lovin’"
6. Chuck BERRY - "Johnny B. Goode"
7. FATS DOMINO - "Hey!  La Bas Boogie"
8. LITTLE RICHARD - "I’ll Never Let You Go"
9. CHUBBY CHECKER - "Let’s Twist Again"
10. DANNY And The JUNIORS - "TwistIn’ USA"
11. The CHAMPS - "Tequila"
12. LITTLE RICHARD - "Heeby-Jeebies"
13. LITTLE RICHARD - "All Around The World"
14. Bobby FRY And TROUPE - "High Way Robbery"
15. Bill HALEY And His COMETS - "Rock-A-Beatin’ Boogie"
16. Bill HALEY And His COMETS - "Birth Of The Boogie"
17. Bill HALEY And His COMETS - "Razzle-Dazzle"
18. LITTLE RICHARD - "Good Golly, Miss Molly"
19. BO DIDDLEY - "You Bo Diddley"
20. LITTLE RICHARD - "Baby Face"
21. FATS DOMINO - "Hey! Fat Man"
22. LITTLE RICHARD - "Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey"
23. Kirby ST. ROMAIN - "Oh Baby Doll"
24. Johnnie ALLAN - "Promised Land"
25. Chuck BERRY - "I’m A Rocker"
26. Belton RICHARD - "Oh Lucille"
27. Clifton CHENIER -  "Boppin’ The Rock"
28. Brenda LEE -  "Rock The Bop"
29. Willy WHACK And The THUMPERS - "Stop That Bop!"
30. LITTLE RICHARD - "Ooh!  My Soul"
31. The WYATTCHRISTMAS TRIO - "Cab Driver Blues"
32. The WYATTCHRISTMAS TRIO - "I Am Still Around"
33. LITTLE RICHARD - "The Girl Can’t Help It"
34. Trice GARNER - "Lovers Hill"
35. Teddy REYNOLDS -"Puppy Dogs"
36. BIG JOE TURNER - "Hide And Seek"
37. Eddie DANIELS - "Playin’ Hide Go Seek"
38. Buddy HOLLY - "Little Baby"
39. LITTLE RICHARD - "Lucille"

And then several tracks played non-stop

Et ensuite, quelques morceaux en non-stop

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