samedi 15 mars 2014

Blue Suede Shoes 1109 (2014-03-15)

Blue Suede Shoes 1109

March 15, 2014 – 15 mars 2014

Hosted today by Dr Charlie, with help from Mr Lucky

Préparé et présenté aujourd’hui par le Docteur Charlie, avec l’aide de Mister Lucky.

Today’s Album Of The Week is Elvis Presley’s second LP from October 1956 on the RCA label, titled “Elvis”.
We’ll also hear some more tracks from the 40s, 50s and 60s.
Finally, we’ll close the show with several known and less known tracks from the same era (non-stop).

Disque "fil rouge" pour cette semaine : "Elvis", le 2e 30cm d'Elvis Presley, paru en octobre 1956.
Comme samedi dernier, la dernière partie de l'émission vous proposera une sélection de morceaux fifties diffusée en non-stop et en mode aléatoire.  Ces derniers titres ne figurent pas dans la liste des morceaux diffusés.

1. Elvis PRESLEY - "Rip It Up"
2. Elvis PRESLEY - "Love Me"
3. Elvis PRESLEY - "When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again"
4. CURLEY JIM And The BILLEY ROCKS - "Sloppy, Sloppy Suzie"
5. BO DIDDLEY - "Bo Diddley 1969"
6. Elvis PRESLEY - "Long Tall Sally"
7. Glen BARR - "Only Cowgirl In Town"
8. Wayne WALKER - "All I Can Do Is Cry"
9. Elvis PRESLEY - "First In Line"
10. Vince MALOY - "Hubba Hubba Ding Ding"
11. Bill HALEY And His COMETS - "Rip It Up"
12. Bill HALEY And His COMETS - "Two Hound Dogs"
13. Bill HALEY And His COMETS - "Hot Dog Buddy Buddy"
14. Elvis PRESLEY - "Paralyzed"
15. Elvis PRESLEY - "So Glad You’re Mine"
16. Donnie MARTINDALE – The STAR FIRES - "Go Jenny"
17. Ricky JONES - "Hate To Say Goodbye"
18. Elvis PRESLEY - "Old Shep"
19. Jerry Lee LEWIS - "Your Cheatin’ Heart" (March 1958 version)
20. Jerry Lee LEWIS - "Your Cheatin’ Heart" (Jan. 1960 version)
21. Elvis PRESLEY - "Ready Teddy"
22. Stan JOHNSON Vocal – BLUE CHIPS – "Baby, Baby Doll"
23. Tommy HARBIN - "Lovers Lane Blues"
24. Elvis PRESLEY - "Anyplace Is Paradise"
25. The WYATTCHRISTMAS TRIO - "Well, It’s Allright"
26. The WYATTCHRISTMAS TRIO - "These Boppin’ Shoes"
27. CRUISERS - "Betty Ann"
28. Elvis PRESLEY - "How’s The World Treating You"
29. Dave BARTHOLOMEW - "Can’t Take It No More"
30. FATS DOMINO - "Hey!  La Bas Boogie"
31. Elvis PRESLEY - "How Do You Think I Feel"
32. SLIM WATTS - "Tu-La-Lou"
33. BIG BOPPER - "Little Red Riding Hood"
34. The RACKETS - "My Soul"
35. LITTLE RICHARD - "True Fine Mama [True Fine Baby]" (Master)

And then several tracks played non-stop

Et ensuite, quelques morceaux en non-stop

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