vendredi 30 octobre 2015

BSS 1098 - New links - Nouveaux liens 2015-10-30

New links - Nouveaux liens 2015-10-30

2 x One Hour Segments – 2 Segments D’Une Heure

Complete 2 Hour Program - Programme Complet De 2 Heures

2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Thank you very much for all the reposts you have done after my request.

However I don't know why there is no Emission 1146-March 2015; if exists please repost

Finally I would ask you something about emission 1097-November 2013
Your list says that there are 42 song and the last one is 42. Glenn Mooney - Come Over Rover
But playing this Emission I've discovered that there was a Song N° 43 and the title seems to be
something like Crazy Girl but I don't recognize the singer (or Band); please help me with the correct
title of this song along with the performer.

Many thanks again.

Blue Suede Shoes a dit…

Hi thanks for your interest. Charlie Gracie's "Crazy Girl" has been added to the track listing for BSS 1097. As to BSS 1146, it has been banned by the blog host for copyright infringment. You can still find it on both other blogs at