vendredi 28 août 2015

Blue Suede Shoes - End Of The Road

Important note from Doctor Charlie:

Hi everyone,

I have decided to stop preparing and presenting « Blue Suede Shoes », the program I have hosted during the last 34 years on Radio Libellule (Radio Dragonfly), 107.8 MHz, al radio station in Comines-Warneton, a town located in Frenchspeaking Belgium.

For the time being, the program is at the end of the road. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank three people from the bottom of my heart, three people who collaborated with me for years and helped me with the program: Chris BECKROW, who provided tons of discographic material, Michael WOODS, also a provider of so much music and webmaster of the sites (blogs) that host the program, and, mostly and finally, Mister LUCKY, who’s been helping me in the studio for more than 10 years, caring for the technical part and preventing catastrophies to happen whenever possible, and also replacing me behind the microphone whenever I was unavailable for various reasons. Without him, I would have given up a long time ago.

As always in such circumstances, the end of « Blue Suede Shoes » generates a lot of nostalgy for me, and probably for some of you, the listeners, as well.

Let’s keep hoping that some better days will come and we will be able to meet again, on the airwaves or at concerts.

Long live RNR!

Charlie (28 08 2015)

P.S.: You can still download and listen to past programs by clicking here (don’t hesitate to ask for reuploads)

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Anonyme a dit…

hi doctor charlie i am sorry to hear the news but i hope you have enough rpms in the jukebox to carry on with your plans what ever they are.thanks to you ,chris ,michael and mister lucky for all the good times,thanks for all the hard work. keith from australia

Anonyme a dit…

thanks doctor charlie and all involved with the production.hope to hear again from you in the future. keith

Anonyme a dit…

I'm very sorry to know that you have closed your blog, because it was one of the best for the music that I love:


In your "END OF THE ROAD" you say:


First of all I'm glad to say that I have most of your programs starting from BSS 871 up to BSS 1163 (that is
the last one), but unfortunately due to some periods spent in the hospital I've lost these editions:

from BSS 1088 up to BSS 1098
from BSS 1117 up to BSS 1128
and BSS 1157
BSS Special 8 in 2010

Please Reuploads these 24 editions so I can complete my collection of BSS (even if from BSS 300 up to BSS
600 I have only about 20 Editions.

Many thanks.

Anonyme a dit…

Many thanks for reuploading BSS 1117-1118-1157 and BSS special 8
Now I'm waiting for all the others.

Many thanks in advance from Italy