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Blue Suede Shoes 1072 (2013-05-04)

Blue Suede Shoes 1072

May 4, 2013 – 4 mai 2013

This week’s program is made of non-stop music, with Little Richard’s first 12” LP on Specialty, “Here’s Little Richard” (March 1957) being played in its entirety. 

Cette édition consiste en une compilation de musique en non-stop, avec la diffusion de tous les titres du premier album Specialty 33 tours 30 cm de Little Richard, «Here’s Little Richard» de mars 1957. 

1. MADDY BROTHERS (Bob – Jim – Tom) - "Rockin’ Party"
2. Frankie AVALON - "De De Dinah"
3. George JONES - "Maybe Little Baby"
4. LITTLE RICHARD And His Band - "Tutti Frutti"
5. The LOVE BROTHERS - "Baby, I’ll Never Let You Go"
6. Johnny CASH And The TENNESSEE TWO - "Ballad Of A Teenage Queen"
7. Charlie WALKER With The FOUR PALS - "I’ll Never Let It Show"
8. LITTLE RICHARD And His Band - "True, Fine Mama"
9. KEN & ROY – Orch. Conducted By Gene Carl - "Umm"
10. The CHAMPS - "Tequila"
11. Tommy MITCHELL - "Juke Box, Help Me Find My Baby"
12. LITTLE RICHARD And His Band - "Can’t Believe You Wanna Leave"
13. PETE And JIMMY With The RHYTHM KNIGHTS - "So Wild"
14. DION And The BELMONTS - "I Wonder Why"
15. Thomas WAYNE - "You’re The One That Done It"
16. LITTLE RICHARD And His Band - "Ready Teddy"
17. GENE PARSON’S BAND – Vocal By Kimble And Wanda JANES -"Night Club Rock And Roll"
18. Ricky NELSON - "Believe What You Say"
19. Eddie BOND And His STOMPERS - "Slip, Slip, Slippin’-In"
20. LITTLE RICHARD And His Band - "Baby"
21. The DUSTERS - "She’s Mine"
22. Don GIBSON - "Oh Lonesome Me"
23. Dave Diddle DAY With Tony Ray Combo - "Blue Moon Baby" (MERCURY pressing)
24. LITTLE RICHARD And His Band - "Slippin’ And Slidin’"
25. FIREFLIES - "Stella Got A Fella"
26. The CRICKETS – Vocal Group With Orchestra - "Maybe Baby"
27. Billy WALLACE And The BAMA DRIFTERS - "Mean, Mistreatin’ Baby"
28. LITTLE RICHARD And His Band - "Long Tall Sally"
29. BILLY And MICKEY – "Shakin’ Time"
30. Duane EDDY And His "Twangy" Guitar - "Rebel-‘Rouser"
31. Tibby EDWARDS - "I Asked For More"
32. LITTLE RICHARD And His Band - "Miss Ann"
33. TREE TOPS – Vocal By Jerry DOELL – "Tree Top"
34. Bobby DARIN - "Splish Splash”
35. George JONES - "Just Little Boy Blue"
36. LITTLE RICHARD And His Band - "Oh Why?"
37. Don DELL And The MONTEREYS – "Honey Doll"
38. BIG BOPPER - "Chantilly Lace"
39. George And EARL - "Got Anything Good"
40. LITTLE RICHARD And His Band - "Rip It Up"
41. Willie GOODSON – "Put A Nickel In The Jukebox"
42. Bill HALEY And His COMETS - "Skinny Minnie"
43. Frank DALTON - "Quick Draw McGraw"
44. LITTLE RICHARD And His Band - "Jenny Jenny"
45. Jerry ROSS – "Ever’body’s Tryin’"
46. Brenda LEE – "Let’s Jump The Broomstick"
47. Bing DAY - "I Can’t Help It"
48. LITTLE RICHARD And His Band - "She’s Got It"
49. Art ADAMS And The RHYTHM KNIGHTS – "Dancing Doll"
50. Chuck BERRY - "No Particular Place To Go"
51. Johnny JAY - "Sugar Doll"
52. LITTLE RICHARD - "Great Gosh A’Mighty"

2 x One Hour Segments – 2 Segments D’Une Heure 

Complete 2 Hour Program - Programme Complet De 2 Heures

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Anonyme a dit…

you came back. very good and many thanks, but there is one problem. freakshare is not working very well.
is impossible to download.
please try to fix the problems. many thanks again

Blue Suede Shoes a dit…

Many other people have successfully downloaded the files, so there's no major problem with Freakshare. I can't fix problems that don't exist.

Anonyme a dit…

freakshare is working just fine for me .no problems at all .many thanks keith

Anonyme a dit…

thanks for a good music . no problem with downloading keith