samedi 17 novembre 2012

Reuploads - remises en ligne

It's always with great pleasure that I reupload files on request. 

But in this case, the least the people who sent the request can do, is to download the files they asked for. 

These last days, I have reuploaded next to 20 files and only a couple of them have been downloaded, based on the statistics sent to me by the filehost.

So from now on, I will only reupload new files after all recently requested files have been downloaded at least once.

C'est toujours avec plaisir que je remets en ligne des fichiers à la demande.

Mais la moindre des choses, c'est que ceux qui demandent ces remises en ligne les téléchargent.

Ces derniers jours, j'ai remis en ligne une vingtaine de fichiers, dont deux seulement ont été téléchargées suivant les statistiques qui me sont fournies par l'hébergeur de fichiers.

Par conséquent, à partir de maintenant, je ne remettrai des fichiers en ligne qu'après que tous ceux que j'ai déjà traités aient été téléchargés au moins une fois.

2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…


At least I have downloaded all the files, that you have reuploaded by my request.

These are really great shows, nice to listen, great mix of different kind of 50`s music.

My plan was ask you to download little by little older files.

I have now requested you to reupload shows 1020, 1019, 1014 and 1013. I hope I could listen them some day.

I have now downloaded shows 1015 to 1018 and 1021 to 1053.
All other files are dead.

Thank you again for great shows.

Timo from Finland

Blue Suede Shoes a dit…

The following files have been requested, reuploaded and downloaded:

BSS1026 (zip)
BSS1027 (zip)

The following ones have been requested, reuploaded but NOT downloaded:

BSS1024 (zip)
BSS1024 (mp3)
BSS1026 (mp3)
BSS1027 (mp3)
BSS1029 (zip)
BSS1029 (mp3)
BSS1030 (zip)
BSS1030 (mp3)
BSS1031 (mp3)
BSS1032 (mp3)
BSS1033 (mp3)
BSS1035 (mp3)
BSS1037 (mp3)
BSS1039 (zip)
BSS1039 (mp3)
BSS1041 (zip)
BSS1041 (mp3)

So as long as the latter ones haven’t been downloaded, I’ll stop reuploading.