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Blue Suede Shoes 1049 (2012-10-06)

Blue Suede Shoes 1049

October 6, 2012 – 6 octobre 2012

This week’s program is made of quasi-non-stop music, with, again, Jerry Lee Lewis as main featured artist.

Please accept our apologies for the poor audio quality of some of the tracks.We asked our technical staff to fix some problem with the vinyl turntables but obviously, the result is worse than before they tried to fix it.

Cette édition consiste principalement en une compilation de musique en non-stop, avec à nouveau Jerry Lee Lewis comme artiste principal.

Veuillez nous excuser pour la mauvaise qualité sonore de certains morceaux. Nous avond demandé à notre équipe technique de régler certains problèmes se posant avec nos platines vinyle, mais manifestement, le résultat est pire qu’avant leur intervention.

1.      LEADBELLY - "Good Night Irene"
2.      Jerry Lee LEWIS - "Goodnight Irene" (SUN alternate)
3.      BIG BOPPER - "Chantilly Lace"
4.      Jerry Lee LEWIS - "Chantilly Lace"
5.      Johnny CASH And TENNESSEE TWO - "Folsom Prison Blues"
6.      Jerry Lee LEWIS - "Folsom Prison Blues"
7.      Bob DYLAN - "Rita May"
8.      Jerry Lee LEWIS - "Rita May"
9.      Charlie RICH - The Gene Lowery Chorus - "Lonely Weekends"
10.      Jerry Lee LEWIS - "Lonely Weekends"
11.      Lloyd PRICE - "(You've Got) Personality"
12.      Jerry Lee LEWIS - "(You've Got) Personality"
13.      Chris KENNER - "I Like It Like That"
14.      Jerry Lee LEWIS - "I Like It Like That"
15.      Chuck WILLIS - "Hang Up My Rock'N'Roll Shoes"
16.      Jerry Lee LEWIS And His Pumping Piano - "Hang Up My Rock And Roll Shoes"
17.      Ray SMITH - "Rockin' Little Angel"
18.      Jerry Lee LEWIS - "Rocking Little Angel"
20.      Jerry Lee LEWIS - "Bad Moon Rising"
21.      Merrill MOORE With Instrumental Accompaniment - "Corrine Corrina"
22.      Jerry Lee LEWIS - "Corrine, Corrina"
23.      B-SIDE - "I Love Your Boogie" (live)
24.      CRAZY CAVAN 'N' RHYTHM ROCKERS - "Flip Flop 'N' Fly"
25.      CRAZY CAVAN And The RHYTHM ROCKERS - "Teddy Boy Rock 'N' Roll" (EP version)
26.      CRAZY CAVAN And The RHYTHM ROCKERS - "She's The One To Blame"
27.      CRAZY CAVAN 'N' RHYTHM ROCKERS - "Both Wheels Left The Ground"
28.      Roger MILLER - "King Of The Road"
29.      Jerry Lee LEWIS - "King Of The Road"
30.      Ray PRICE - "Crazy Arms"
31.      Jerry Lee LEWIS - "Crazy Arms"
32.      Nancy SINATRA & Lee HAZLEWOOD - "Jackson"
33.      Jerry Lee LEWIS (Duet With Linda Gail LEWIS) - "Jackson"
34.      The MIDNIGHTERS - "Sexy Ways"
35.      Jerry Lee LEWIS - "Cool, Cool Ways (Sexy Ways)"
36.      Jerry Lee LEWIS - "Sexy Ways"
37.      Jerry Lee LEWIS - "Sexy Ways" (SUN cut - false start)
38.      LITTLE RICHARD - "Lucille"
39.      Jerry Lee LEWIS - "Lucille"
40.      Jerry Lee LEWIS - "I'm On Fire"
41.      Jerry Lee LEWIS And His Pumping Piano - "High School Confidential" (master)
42.      Jerry Lee LEWIS - "Don't Boogie Woogie (When You Say Your Prayers Tonight)"
43.      Jerry Lee LEWIS - "Jerry Lee's Rock & Roll Revival Show"
44.      Jerry Lee LEWIS And His Pumping Piano - "Great Balls Of Fire" (master)

2 x One Hour Segments – 2 Segments D’Une Heure

Complete 2 Hour Program - Programme Complet De 2 Heures

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